Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil has many health benefits , but its most important benefit is its positive impact on health and growth of hair. If you are worried about your thin and falling hair , then you might wish to use the castor oil for increasing the growth of your hair.Castor oil is very helpful in stimulating the growth of hair by hair follicles. It can also make your hair thicker, smoother and shinny. If you are surfing on internet for getting information about benefits of castor oil on hair growth , then you are on the right page.

         Many people who uses castor oil experience significant and remarkable improvement and in their hair when they start using castor oil on their hair. Castor oil has significant amounts of Vitamin E in it , which is a very potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are very useful in fighting against free radicals that damages your hair and skin. Moreover , castor oil also increases the blood circulation in your scalp and thus increases and the growth of hair on your head.

              Here are some of the key uses of castor oil for your hair :

Hair Moisturizer and Stabilizer :

Castor oil has a rich amount of omega 9 fatty acids and these fatty acids are responsible for moisturizing your head and hair and also makes your hair more shinny and silky. Usually it is recommended to use castor oil `5 minutes before washing your head but you can also use it as a conditioner on your hair after shampooing.You can also apply few drops of castor oil on your hair at night before going to bed, then rinsing it out in the morning.

Scalp Moisturizer :
           Castor oil is also a very good scalp moisturizer and due to its moisturizing agent it is very effective in treating dry scalp and thus reduces the occurrence of dandruff and other fungal infections.

Treatment of Scalp Infections :
         Castor oil is also a very good antiviral , antibacterial and anti fungal agent and helps in treating scalp infections that causes itching and baldness.

Reduces hair breakage :

Castor oil is not only good for increasing the growth of hair but it is also very effective in improving the health and appearance of existing hair and thus prevents them from falling and thinning. In addition to Omega 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E , Castor oil also contains huge amount of Omega 6 fatty acids and some essential Amino acids that help in healing the rough and damaged hair cuticles and thus making your hair smoother and stronger.

Does Castor Oil Make Our Hair Grow ?
The most famous benefit of castor oil on hair is its effectiveness in stimulating the growth of hair.There are lot of castor oil hair tonics and products in the market being sold as hair growth supplements.

 Castor oil increases the growth of hair by boosting the circulation of blood in your scalp and hair follicles.If you are not suffering from any hair disease or pathology but your hair are getting thin day by day then , this could be a key sign that you need to start using hair tonics or supplements to increase the growth of your hair.Regular use of castor oil also promotes the growth of thick and shinny hair.If you are using castor oil, then there is no need of buying expensive hair growth products.

Jamaican Black Castor oil Hair growth :

Jamaican black Castor oil is the most effective and finest form of castor oil. It is also known as a miracle worker for skin and health care.

           It is almost similar to regular castor oil but it is black is color. Black color comes from the ashes that were derived and obtained from the purification process and then added into the castor oil to make it black. According to the manufacturers , addition of ashes increase the hair growth ability of the castor oil and this is the reason black castor oil is considered as more effective type of castor oil for hair growth and strength.

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair growth and strength :

         If you want to use castor oil more effectively and efficiently then follow these simple steps :

1- Pour couple of drops of castor oil into your palm. As castor oil has thick consistency , so use only few drops of castor oil as it would be difficult to rinse out higher amounts of castor oil.

2- Gently and thoroughly massage the castor oil into your scalp and hair and try to distribute it all along the hair from roots to hair shaft.

3-Ater applying castor oil , cover your head with shower cap and wait for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with a good shampoo and warm water.

4-For a deeper and effective treatment , apply the oil before sleeping and leave it overnight and try to cover your head with a shower cap or towel to prevent the oil staining your bed sheet and pillow.Try to wash and shampoo your hair in the morning.

If you are having issues and problems with your hair , especially with hair loss and damage then try to use castor oil as solution of these problems.Castor oil will surely give you more efficient and better results than other expensive hair growth supplements of market.

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The Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Hair Grow

The need for individuals to keep their skin and hair glowing is overemphasized in today's society. Women, men, and especially teenagers worry a lot about how they look outwardly. Many hair products claim to grow your hair and enrich its quality; however, many of these hair products available in the market contain several chemicals that may end up causing more damage to your hair instead of improving its condition. This article alerts you on all the health benefits of using olive oil on your hair for rapid growth to maintain healthy hair. It also describes the different ways you can use olive oil in other to get the best out of it.

Olive oil is of Mediterranean origin and is one of the most used oils among all the natural oils. There is no kitchen you would step into in the Mediterranean where you will not see olive oil. In recent times, however, the use of olive oil has been adopted globally as a result of its generous benefits. Apart from the flavor it gives, there are several other advantages of using olive oil. Styling, straightening and beating require the use of chemicals and heat that can cause your hair a lot of damage. You can still enjoy styling your hair in different ways without nurturing the fear of damage. The most efficient way to maintain good hair quality while you enjoy the beautiful look of wearing different styles is by using herbal methods to fight the harmful effects added chemicals. Below are some of the numerous benefits you enjoy when you use olive oil on your hair:

Use olive oil for healthy hair growth

There are so many reasons why you should use olive oil on weak hair strands. Losing hair rapidly can be very frustrating. Sometimes you may even get so angry that you feel cutting your hair off is the best option. Not to worry, olive oil is what you need! You may not have heard this before, but olive oil can prevent as well as cure hair loss;

  • ·        Losing hair can occur as a result of elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone,the hormone which is responsible for the shrinkage of your hair follicle shaft. Applying olive oil directly on your scalp can hamper the production of dihydrotestosterone and reduces your chances of losing hair.
  • ·        People often neglect their scalp; they tend to focus a lot on hair strand instead of starting from the scalp. The health of your scalp directly affects the health of your hair strands. Using olive oil on your scalp regularly would enable you to enjoy its natural conditioning properties of also add moisture to the scalp.
  • ·        Apart from healing a dry and scaly scalp; olive oil softens your hair and makes it glow. If you take a tour down the hair aisle of your local retailer, you'll find that many of the recent hair care products contain elements of olive oil. Manufacturers add olive oil to their products as a result of its rich benefits, so you can imagine the benefits you would enjoy when you use the olive oil directly on your scalp.
  • ·        Using olive oil on your hair, you enjoy its antifungal and antibacterial properties that battle common hair and scalp problems like lice and dandruff. These problems can be prevented or stopped by the mere application of olive oil directly on your scalp.

How to use olive oil?

You are now aware of the rich benefits of olive oil, so you should run through the best methods of application so you can enjoy it’s benefits;

Benefits of Olive Oil for hair growth
  • ·        A meager amount of olive oil in your palms and gently massage it into your scalp. Start from the scalp until you slowly move to the end of your hair strands. After you have applied the olive oil, wrap your hair with a damp towel or cover it with a shower cap and let it be for 30 minutes. This gives it time to soak and penetrate your scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, wash and condition your hair.
  • ·        You can make a personal conditioner out of olive oil by combining half a glass of olive oil with an egg yolk and some drops of lemon juice in a bowl. Stir the mixture very well and massage it gently into your scalp. Ensure that. It reaches the entire head of hair. Let it be for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. The amount of mixture you need depends on your hair length.
  • ·        Another method you can try is; using a microwave to heat up your paste before applying it. Add little honey and cinnamon into a microwave-safe bowl, pour in a glass of olive oil and put it in the microwave. Heat for approximately ten seconds just so it gets warm. After that add ¼ cup of honey and one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon. Stir the mixture into your paste massage it into your hair. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse it with a natural shampoo to make sure every sticky honey residue is removed. Do this once every week.

Types of olive oil that are effective for hair growth

With different kinds of olive oil on the market, it can become difficult to select the right one for your hair. The best kind of olive oil for hair treatment is extra virgin olive oil, as it is processed without chemicals thus, it remains in purest form. You can combine the extra virgin olive oil with some sweet almond oil as this helps to prevent split ends and can also improve blood circulation in the scalp.

In other to take care of your hair naturally, you don't have to involve a variety of expensive hair products to have healthy hair. Using harsh chemicals on your scalp will do more harm than good to your hair. Using natural treatments such as olive oil will encourage healthy hair growth and will not have any adverse effect on the scalp. Enjoy the benefits of using olive oil for hair growth as they are 100% natural and also cost effective.